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  1. 7 days to die

    CONFIG SERVER !MD! 7D WARMD PVE 24/7 Server config: Max Player=30 Maps 10K, Game Difficulty=4 XP Multiplier=200 Day Night Length=120 Day Light Length=18 Drop On Death=3 Drop On Quit=0 Max Spawned Zombies=96 Max Spawned Animals=75 Enemy Difficulty=0 Zombie Move=2 Zombie Move Night=3 Zombie Feral Move=3 Zombie BM Move=3 Blood Moon Frequency=10 Blood Moon Range=3 Loot Abundance=85 Loot Respawn Days=25 Air Drop Frequency=72 LandClaim Dead Zone=30 LandClaim Expiry Time=7 КАРТА СЕРВЕРА - SERVER MAP: На сервере установлены МОДЫ - MODES are installed on the server: 1) Declutter Compass Mod 2) Automated Mining Bot 3) Bdubyah’s Vehicles All in One 4) Backpack Buttons v2 for A19 5) Show More Effects 6) Find Bicycles in the Dumpsters 7) Real Armor Values 8) Rework Repair and Learn Weapons, Tools and Armors 9) Yet Another Larger Backpack Mod 10) Riles HUDPlus 11) More Vanilla Foods & Drinks 12) Enemy Health Bar 13) More Common Sounds ЗАГРУЗИТЬ МОДЫ СЕРВЕРА DOWNLOAD SERVER MODS Установка - Installation: Скачать архив по ссылке в корень игры, после разархивировать Download the archive from the link to the root of the game, then unzip